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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Real

Scarred within are she and her children.
The children run when they hear his key.
To his son he said, “You dog”
To his daughter he said, “You are ugly”

To his wife he constantly said, “You are a whore”
No cracked bones.
No blood from sliced flesh.
Obscure stats
Wounds that no one can see yet she can feel
Blemishes she can sense in her offspring.
Reaching epidemic proportions
Occurred most everyday
Who says it doesn't matter? Did you feel it too?
Others say she made too much of things
He says it was all in her mind
Some say her sons needed their father’s influence no matter the harm
Others say her daughters would not learn to sustain a relationship
Who can  mouth judgement if you haven't bunked there?
Scripture says God literally hates putting away
So does she         so do they
Witnessed of the wife of thy youth
Anguished by, “should she have stayed and are they better off?
Who knows the plight of a comfortless woman who sleeps next to a man bittered by a life before she wasn't there?
He gets to move on smile perky abated by new help.
While they fight with, “Do we matter?”
Who can mend the hearts broken when he treats them as if they don’t matter?
She thinks the scar that no one can see is healed,
But it keeps lifting its ugly head making her smile go away.
How can he ignore his children as if they don't exist?
How can he depart while their hearts bleed,
While they try to create a normal living
Grieving for an authentic benevolent head
He was expected to rule.   But with an iron hand?
And the basilica cold-shoulders her as if she were nothing.
Improper use of a wife and children
Sad face       tear drop     churning stomach   come and go    from out of nowhere
It's emotional       It's abusive        It's real.
Thoughts loom in her ear, "Why don't you just give up?"
"Give up and do what?"
Eve listened         She will not.
Because iniquity shall abound there are men who find revile too.
Who will ever cherish her like Christ loves the church?
Phew! He’s coming back soon. Thank God!

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